Happy to day =)

Went in my mailbox today, expecting the regular.. BILLS, ANC COMMERSIAL.. BUT NOOO!!  In my mailbox there was a BEAUTIFOUL card, with a lovly note in it from the most inspiering person i have ever seen, the great, one and only KIM PIGGOTT =)  How lucky am I ??  I love it ! I it going to be framed and postet on my baby-girl`s room....

Thank you soo much kimmie =) You made my day !!

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  1. Nydelig kort, så fint stempel :)

  2. Så fantastisk å finne noe så flott i postkassa da!!! Skjønner godt at du er happy!! Heldige du...


  3. Oh I am so happy that it reached you in the end Marielle! It was touch and go there for a second lol!
    Thank you so much for your mention you are so very kind.
    kim xxx


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