Art journaling

I love art journaling. 

Have just discovered this funny technique 
where you can play with color, cut and 
paste and smear as much as you want.

Here you see a couple of pages I have started on. 

Not quite  finished yet !

All products are from dylusions

My fingers get so messy, my own fault when i don`t wear gloves, 
But who has time for nonsense like that? =) 

Then i got all 12 bottles of this messy inky spray,
 a thanks to Tone, at my local hobby shop 


 they are a bit steamed, just collected them from the mailbox, and it was about -7 degrees outside. brrr ... But now they have entered the house and getting warm, poor little ones =)

My 3 beautiful children.  

"I'm learning all my colors,

      I'm really very smart.

      I put the colors in my head,
      I know them all by heart.

      I'm spelling all my numbers,
      It's easy as can be.

      And if I spell them all for you...

      Then you'll be smart like me!"

This is my daughter Ella posing

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  1. Eg likar din type art journal :)
    Reint og fint ;)
    Andre *aj* eg har sett, er grusomt rotete og alt for mange detaljar .. Dette var knallstiligt :D


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